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Robots design is the most important and challenging task for the engineers. The demands for the 21st century is increasing by leaps and bounds due to the scientific revolution. One of the major section of this site includes the robotics material and the information on the types of robots available in the commercial market of the era Its purpose is just to help students find useful material related to their studies.

Industrial Automation


Industry without automation is not an industry. One of the vital and integrated field of Mechatronics and control is the industrial automation including PLC's, HMI's, DCS, SCADA, RTU's MTU's, SERVO's, STEPPER and PID controllers. This subject covers the important stuff related to the industrial automation of all the above mentioned devices.

Control Systems

                A correctly designed DCS control system is essential for the safe and efficient operation of a process plant. It involves the dynamics of the system. Variables are set to design the different parameters of the plant. The best example here that i would like to share is the simple mass spring system damper system. From the very basic mathematical modeling, till the complex responses to different inputs; completely characterizes the analogy of the whole subject. Some of the widely used areas of the Control systems are as:
Electrical power generation plants (Control Panels)
Environmental control systems (Network of information about weather)
Traffic & radio signals
Water management systems (Water flow sensors and supply linkages)
Oil refining & Chemical plants
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Sensor networks


Designing is impossible without proper mechanical structure. Mechanical linkages are the important means for power transmission in many applications. Every machine has its mechanical design complexity to meet the job requirement. So This domain also covers this area of study too for the students and professionals.

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